Bombay, the City of Everything and Anything

The following is taken from the travel blog of Gabriela Dziki which you can see at

Hello world,
Tomorrow morning I will be traveling to dear old Bombay (or as many people who do not live there call it, Mumbai). Bombay truly is something else. From the great heat, through to its annoying habits, to that breeze you wait for to cool you down, Bombay is brilliant.
Let us begin our journey through this city at the Banganga Tank. Legend has it, that this rectangular tank of water first sprang out when the Hindu god Ram, thirsty and tired from looking for his wife asked his brother for some water. Ram’s brother shot an arrow to the ground, and as the arrow touch the ground, water sprung out. Now the tank is both a place of worship, being surrounded by many temples, and a social place, where youngsters come and play, adults talk and exchange news.

Moving just a few steps away from the tank, we go to the launderette. This place is a true mystery to me. I just can not wrap my head around how they know what piece of clothing belongs to whom!

Now we move onto Malabar Hill. Malabar Hill is a place filled with magnificent villas, trees whose branches fall onto the street and little gems in the form of temples. Walking or driving through, the feeling of having travelled in time comes about. The houses have walls that have seen and heard more than anyone living there. The trees shield them from the greedy and envious eyes of the passers by.

Finally, we end up in Kala Ghoda. Also filled with beaitiful buildings, Kala Ghoda is more open to new comers. With restaurants on every corner, one feels welcome. It is bursting with life. From festivals, to music on the street, Kala Ghoda is a place anyone will feel welcome.

And finally to finish off, something very typical. A sign about the beautification of a parking lot. A sign, that it not exactly pretty itself.

Until Next Time World

Gabriela’s pictures are taken with a Nikon D300


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